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TANK™ M1 Push Sled - Torque FitnessTANK™ M1 Push Sled - Torque Fitness
TorqueTANK™ M1 Push Sled - Torque Fitness
Sale price1,199.90 CHF Regular price1,349.00 CHF
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Blackthorn Rope 10m
AerobisBlackthorn Rope 10m
Sale priceFrom 159.90 CHF
Sold out
Thorn Wood Plyobox
Thorn+fitThorn Wood Plyobox
Sale price199.90 CHF
MP Soft Plyobox
Pushup Pro - Perfect
PerfectPushup Pro - Perfect
Sale price39.90 CHF
Sold out
Blackthorn Rope 15m
AerobisBlackthorn Rope 15m
Sale priceFrom 209.90 CHF
Sold out
Ultimate Instability Aquabag
Airtrack FactoryUltimate Instability Aquabag
Sale priceFrom 139.90 CHF

2 colors available

Stroops Sled HarnessStroops Sled Harness
StroopsStroops Sled Harness
Sale price59.90 CHF
BeaverFit Plyo Box
BeaverfitBeaverFit Plyo Box
Sale price249.90 CHF
Torque Sled M4
TorqueTorque Sled M4
Sale price2,399.90 CHF
Aquaball - AirTrack FactoryAquaball - AirTrack Factory
Sold out
Climb rope 38mm x 4.5m
Thorn+fitClimb rope 38mm x 4.5m
Sale price74.90 CHF
Sold out
Thorn Dog Sled
Thorn+fitThorn Dog Sled
Sale price209.90 CHF
Peg Board
Thorn+fitPeg Board
Sale price199.90 CHF

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