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Knee Support RX 5mmKnee Support RX 5mm
RehbandKnee Support RX 5mm
Sale priceFrom 19.90 CHF Regular price39.90 CHF

12 colors available

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Rx Elbow Sleeve 5mmRx Elbow Sleeve 5mm
RehbandRx Elbow Sleeve 5mm
Sale priceFrom 19.90 CHF Regular price43.90 CHF

4 colors available

Rx Shin Sleeve
RehbandRx Shin Sleeve
Sale price59.90 CHF

2 colors available

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Knee Support RX 3mmKnee Support RX 3mm
RehbandKnee Support RX 3mm
Sale price39.90 CHF Regular price44.90 CHF

1 color available

Knee Support RX 7mmKnee Support RX 7mm
RehbandKnee Support RX 7mm
Sale price59.90 CHF

3 colors available

X-RX Lifting Belt
RehbandX-RX Lifting Belt
Sale price59.90 CHF
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Wrist Supports
RehbandWrist Supports
Sale price24.90 CHF
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Knee Support RX 7mm CGF
RehbandKnee Support RX 7mm CGF
Sale price29.90 CHF Regular price59.90 CHF

1 color available

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Wrist Support 7793 (Grey) - RehbandWrist Support 7793 (Grey) - Rehband
RehbandWrist Support 7793 (Grey) - Rehband
Sale price29.90 CHF Regular price49.90 CHF
Knee Support Core Line
RehbandKnee Support Core Line
Sale price39.90 CHF

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