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Rubber Exercise Band
Exercise BandExercise Band
Thera BandExercise Band
Sale price17.90 CHF
Sold out
Mini BandMini Band
Thorn+fitMini Band
Sale price4.90 CHF

3 colors available

Powerband Mini Set
Let's BandsPowerband Mini Set
Sale price18.90 CHF
Stroops TonerStroops Toner
StroopsStroops Toner
Sale priceFrom 20.90 CHF
Pro resistance bandPro resistance band
Thorn+fitPro resistance band
Sale priceFrom 17.90 CHF
Resist Band MediumResist Band Medium
Resist AthleticsResist Band Medium
Sale price22.90 CHF

5 colors available

Stroops Slastix
StroopsStroops Slastix
Sale priceFrom 39.90 CHF
Ankle Cuff, with inner neoprene- StroopsAnkle Cuff, with inner neoprene- Stroops
Textile Resistance Bands setTextile Resistance Bands set
Thorn+fitTextile Resistance Bands set
Sale price29.90 CHF

2 colors available

Stroops Textured grip handle
Stroops Contour Handle
StroopsStroops Contour Handle
Sale price14.90 CHF
Sold out
Powerband Mini
Let's BandsPowerband Mini
Sale priceFrom 5.90 CHF
Sold out
Resist Band Strong
Resist AthleticsResist Band Strong
Sale price22.90 CHF

1 color available

Mini Bands
SklzMini Bands
Sale price4.90 CHF
Stroops Cloth AnchorStroops Cloth Anchor
StroopsStroops Cloth Anchor
Sale price9.90 CHF
Sold out
Stroops Resist 90 KitStroops Resist 90 Kit
StroopsStroops Resist 90 Kit
Sale price69.90 CHF
All Legs Ankle StrapAll Legs Ankle Strap
StroopsAll Legs Ankle Strap
Sale price19.90 CHF
Universal Door Anchor - StroopsUniversal Door Anchor - Stroops
Sold out
Mini spineMini spine
StroopsMini spine
Sale price149.90 CHF
Punch Cuffs - StroopsPunch Cuffs - Stroops
StroopsPunch Cuffs - Stroops
Sale price44.90 CHF
Foot Cuffs - StroopsFoot Cuffs - Stroops
StroopsFoot Cuffs - Stroops
Sale price44.90 CHF
Loop - StroopsLoop - Stroops
StroopsLoop - Stroops
Sale priceFrom 14.90 CHF
Textile Super Bands
Thorn+fitTextile Super Bands
Sale price79.90 CHF

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