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Jump Rope
SklzJump Rope
Sale price19.90 CHF
Sold out
Grip Strength Trainer
SklzGrip Strength Trainer
Sale price19.90 CHF
SKLZ Speed Rope
SklzSKLZ Speed Rope
Sale price34.90 CHF
Court Slidez
SklzCourt Slidez
Sale price35.90 CHF
MB5 Massage Ball
SklzMB5 Massage Ball
Sale price34.90 CHF

1 color available

Quick Ladder
SklzQuick Ladder
Sale price42.90 CHF
Mini Bands
SklzMini Bands
Sale price4.90 CHF
Sold out
SklzSKLZ Mini Cones 20
Sale price24.90 CHF
Sold out
Speed Chute
SklzSpeed Chute
Sale price51.90 CHF
SKLZ Hurdles
SklzSKLZ Hurdles
Sale price69.90 CHF
Sold out
Agility Cones
SklzAgility Cones
Sale price32.90 CHF
Sold out
SKLZ Recoil 360SKLZ Recoil 360
SklzSKLZ Recoil 360
Sale price79.90 CHF
Balance Pods - SKLZBalance Pods - SKLZ
SklzBalance Pods - SKLZ
Sale price29.90 CHF
SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro
SklzSKLZ Quick Ladder Pro
Sale price69.90 CHF
Sold out
50 Mini Cones
Sklz50 Mini Cones
Sale price49.90 CHF
Shot Spotz - SKLZShot Spotz - SKLZ
SklzShot Spotz - SKLZ
Sale price39.90 CHF
Rush Roller - Grey
SklzRush Roller - Grey
Sale price59.90 CHF
SklzSKLZ Super Sandbag
Sale price79.90 CHF

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