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Rubber Exercise Band
Exercise BandExercise Band
Thera BandExercise Band
Sale price17.90 CHF
Sold out
Mini BandMini Band
Thorn+fitMini Band
Sale price4.90 CHF

3 colors available

Powerband Mini Set
Let's BandsPowerband Mini Set
Sale price18.90 CHF
Stroops TonerStroops Toner
StroopsStroops Toner
Sale priceFrom 20.90 CHF
Pro resistance bandPro resistance band
Thorn+fitPro resistance band
Sale priceFrom 17.90 CHF
Core STS suspension trainer
Thorn+fitCore STS suspension trainer
Sale price89.90 CHF

2 colors available

Sold out
Fitline 140Fitline 140
AirexFitline 140
Sale price59.90 CHF

3 colors available

Sold out
TRX Fitness Mat
TRXTRX Fitness Mat
Sale price44.90 CHF
Bosu ProBosu Pro
BosuBosu Pro
Sale price209.90 CHF
Anti-Burst Gym Ball
Thorn+fitAnti-Burst Gym Ball
Sale price19.90 CHF
THORN Situp Mat
Thorn+fitTHORN Situp Mat
Sale price29.90 CHF
Sold out
TRX Xmount
Sale price54.00 CHF
Resist Band MediumResist Band Medium
Resist AthleticsResist Band Medium
Sale price22.90 CHF

5 colors available

Sale price54.90 CHF
Stick MobilityStick Mobility
Stick MobilityStick Mobility
Sale priceFrom 49.90 CHF
Sold out
TRX Home Kit 2
TRXTRX Home Kit 2
Sale price229.90 CHF
Stroops Slastix
StroopsStroops Slastix
Sale priceFrom 39.90 CHF
Sold out
MP Sit up matMP Sit up mat
Bosu Balance Trainer
BosuBosu Balance Trainer
Sale price169.90 CHF
Sold out
Combo Mat 3.5mmCombo Mat 3.5mm
Yoga Design LabCombo Mat 3.5mm
Sale price89.90 CHF

6 colors available

Sold out
Fitline 180Fitline 180
AirexFitline 180
Sale price69.90 CHF

3 colors available

Court Slidez
SklzCourt Slidez
Sale price35.90 CHF
Save 4%
TANK™ M1 Push Sled - Torque FitnessTANK™ M1 Push Sled - Torque Fitness
TorqueTANK™ M1 Push Sled - Torque Fitness
Sale price1,199.90 CHF Regular price1,249.90 CHF

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