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4+ Nutrition ARG +

90 tabs

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ARG is a dietary supplement based on L-Arginine.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that has long been used as a tonic, the effect of which became clear only a few years ago. It is not an essential amino acid, the liver is the elected producer, but the kidneys synthesize it very efficiently, so much so that in chronic renal failure, arginine becomes an essential amino acid. Its particular chemical characteristic is that it has 3 nitrogen atoms (N), which means that it can release nitrogen for different metabolic functions. As a precursor of urea, it plays an interesting role in liver detoxification (ammonium), making it a very useful substance for treating chronic liver problems.

It has a fundamental role in the regulation of the lumen of the artery (mainly as a vasodilator), as an immunomodulator and in neurotransmission. Arginine is a collagen procurer, therefore strongly involved in all the repair processes necessary after training or trauma. Another role of this amino acid is the synthesis of creatine; it expresses a potential energogenic effect which is decisive in certain types of physical force.