4+ Nutrition BCAA + 10: 1: 1

4+ Nutrition

4+ Nutrition BCAA + 10: 1: 1

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4+ Nutrition BCAA + 10: 1: 1

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BCAA + HARDCORE is a supplement containing ten times more leucine than normal formulas.

BCAA: Branched chain amino acid. Probably one of the most popular and widely used supplements, and for good reason. These are three of the eight essential amino acids, which our body cannot synthesize and which must therefore be obtained externally. They have a very special characteristic that unites them: unlike others that have to be forcibly metabolized in the liver, these can be metabolized in other tissues in our body, especially muscles. They can therefore be used by the muscles as an energy sub-layer instead of being absorbed. They act on the brain with another essential amino acid, namely tryptophan, which decreases the synthesis of serotonin which contributes to the feeling of fatigue. In addition, leucine, but also the other two, trigger protein biosynthesis directly and independently of other stimuli or signals. They are therefore particularly useful before, during and after physical activity, whether aerobic, aerobic or mixed, of short or long duration, because the feeling of fatigue is typical of any physical activity, especially of high intensity. Likewise, but conversely, the catabolism of muscle proteins is the result of any medium or high intensity physical activity.

LEUCINE is an essential branched-chain amino acid found in the muscles of all animals (especially fish and meat) and in milk. It stimulates protein biosynthesis and opposes proteolysis. Of particular interest is the fact that it is the precursor of HBM.

Various studies, even old ones, have shown a decrease in markers of muscle damage (CPK; LDH) for both endurance and power sports. The real active ingredient of BCAAs was not long ago found in Leucine, and it is very credible that almost everything results from the branched amino acids of leucine, with an exception made for the potential energetic role (expressed by the Isoleucine and Valine: glucogenic amino acids).

Its promoter effect on protein biosynthesis is expressed by the stimulation of mTOR (central modulator of the cascade which leads to protein biosynthesis). When taken before intensive exercise, it determines fixation in the muscles, but because the metabolism changes with rest, this amino acid prefers to nestle in the liver.

When in the liver, leucine regulates protein "turnover", decreasing ammonium production which is typical of liver problems. Even if this is not related to sports nutrition, be aware of it because Leucine also intervenes on the multi-organic stress resulting from intense training.

The dose used in a professional environment, and commonly considered sufficient, is 100 mg / kg, to be taken immediately before and after sports activity. Leucine has not been found to cause harm, even if used for long periods of time or in extremely high doses (in rats). A clinical nutrition article (therefore unrelated to sport) indicates that the maximum tolerable dose is 500mg / kg.