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Size:300 caps
Flavor:Vegan Capsules
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300 caps / Vegan Capsules

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An exclusive thermogenic blend, unique to Melsfit, developed by Proccor USA.

Made only with ingredients that research has proven to be effective and healthy in use. Oxidize will help you target fat and shed extra pounds.

With 1000mg of L-Carnitine L-tartrate which helps to use fat for energy, 600mg of L-Tyrosine which improves the feeling of well-being and reduces stress, 200mg of green tea extract which allows the body to better targeting fat, 1500mg of CLA which also helps reduce fat, 300mg of Vitacholine® Choline Bitartrate which reduces fat production in the liver and improves cognition as well as 150mg of caffeine which has an effective thermogenic effect.

Without prohibited substances, without artificial colors, without prohibited products. Made in the USA. Each PROCCOR® product is strictly tested before being placed on the market. Raw materials are quarantined upon arrival, various quality tests such as: HPLC / USP / or independent lab test for accuracy, impurities and metals. It is only after these steps have been taken that the products are manufactured. We also use what is called an "intentional surplus" where a 1 to 5% surplus (depending on the ingredient) is intentionally added to ensure that our products are always at least 100% on the label.

All PROCCOR® products are manufactured in a factory meeting the highest GMP, NSF, FDA standards with pharmaceutical grade processing.